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We are serving an established client our Milwaukee based window works company by providing specialized services of window glass replacement and window/door glass repairs. We are expanding constantly and also strive to cater the neighboring states soon. We believe in complete customer satisfaction and maintaining our reputation as quality service providers therefore we assure our customers of high quality window replacement/repair solutions that are delivered in a timely manner. Whether you’re looking for glass replacement, window repairs or a simple door repair job, we are equipped with high quality solutions at affordable prices for both residential and commercial customers.

Our portfolio is not just limited to glass replacement but we have a diverse portfolio with wide range of services including window replacement services, replacement of insulated glass, removing fog and woodworks.

Insulated Glass Units

Apex Window Wekrs prides itself in supplying high quality insulated glass units that are preserved hermetically and Argon gas is utilized among glass panes to provide high quality insulation and boost energy efficiency. Our insulated glass units are manufactured with high quality annealed or tempered glass in compliance with commercial and residential glass manufacturing regulations and are optimal for great performance. We provide glasses to all types of home owners and commercial users, so doesn’t matter if your project is big or small you’ll receive the same treatment from us.

Tempered Glass

Tempered Glass is produced with special care and is known as a specialty glass with reduced chances of damage if broken. We advise customers to use tempered glass for places where glass is more prone to damage. We supply both types of tempered glass

Laminated tempered glass is produced when two pieces are glass are affixed together with vinyl layer that prevents glass fragments from scattering in case of break.
Tempered glass is first heated and then cooled rapidly to make it stronger than usual thus in case of break the broken glass is less harmful and more granular.

Single-pane Units

If you are looking for replacement of single-pane window units then you have come to the right place, because Apex Window Werks specializes in not only providing full spectrum of window re-glazing services but also offer complete replacement service of single-pane window units.

Custom Shaped Glass Replacement Service

We believe in complete customer satisfaction and therefore we understand that each customer whether residential or commercial could have different demands in terms of shape and size of glasses. Moreover, we understand that custom shape glasses look more elegant and attractive therefore in order for your complete satisfaction we offer custom shaped window glass replacement service Milwaukee. All our services are offered by our highly experienced and skilled team of experts who handle custom shaped window glass replacement with extra care and vigilance to ensure that the service delivery is precise, efficient and delivered in a timely fashion. Along with offering high quality insulated single pane glass units in different types such as clear, tinted, and low thermal emissivity glass, we handle all glass work with extreme care and follow all insulation parameters to ensure that not only shape, size and color of the glass window is according to your requirement but you also have a great insulation.

Eliminate Window Fog

With Apex Window Werks you do not need to spend money on window replacement because we can de-fog you moisturize window in an affordable manner.

Apex Windows is here to take care of the excessive moisture which is trapped between the glass panes of your residential or commercial buildings. We pride ourselves in providing cost-effective solutions to our customers, therefore, if you are suffering from moisture trapped between your window panes then you do not need to invest in an expensive replacement because now you can opt for cost-effective services of removing window fog by Apex Window Werks.

At Apex Window Werks we have a highly skilled team of experts who are expert craftsmen providing cost-effective and convenient defogging services to clients and are restoring windows back to their original form. So, if you want to enjoy the perfect location of your house by enjoying the view from your windows then all you need to do is contact us because we have mastered the process of removing moisture from the thermal pane of windows. Our process is a proven process known for recovery of the very critical insulating R-Value.

Why Go with Our Process?

If you are wondering why you should go with our process, then you can entrust us with your work because of our 8 years of experience in our industry which helps us in delivering fast delivery based on our proven process of removing window fog at an affordable rate. We have also created a list of some other benefits for you to ensure that you’re making the right choice by choosing Apex Window Works:

  • Protecting windows from further damage.
  • Keeps original form and aesthetics intact.
  • Affordable due to energy efficient technology.
  • Eliminates the need to carry out expensive window replacement jobs.
  • Fast and effective delivery.
  • Comprehensive 5-year warranty.

How Does the Damage Occur?

Why could the need for glass window replacement or glass window restoration arise? The reason is that an insulated glass unit (IGU) is made of a lot more than we commonly believe. Insulated glass units are extremely prone to damage and the ruptured seal popularly known for causing damage is only a smart part of the problem, because:

  • Temperature also affects the health of glass units.
  • In warm weathers glass units face destruction because of heat.
  • Fluctuating temperatures have adverse effects on functionality of glass units.

The Damaging Moisture

The moisture circulation in sealed glass units is unavoidable and is the first step in causing damage to glass units. We understand that once the moisture starts settling down in you windows the damage could become permanent and progressive and harm the insulation properties of window units. With our precision tools and experience servicemen we will completely re-engineer your window and it will get rid of moisture on its own.

We install an efficient defogger TM valve and seal which will ensure that moisture from the glass units is completely removed and passed onto environment rather than remaining stagnant. So, if you are looking for a cost-effective method of moisture removal and removing fog from your windows then contact us today and we will take care of all your glass insulation repair needs.

Wood Window Repair

Our services are not just limited to glass window replacement and removing window fog, but we also specialize in repair and restoration of all kinds of window frames and fittings. Our window frames are guaranteed to not be damaged because of weather and extreme conditions.

As mentioned earlier, Apex Window Wekrs prides itself in being a recognized and established Milwaukee based firm which specializes in repair and restoration of wooden window frames and window fittings such as window sills, brick moldings, sashes and many more. Similar to replacing glass windows, we have experts in woodworks who are providing excellent makeover of windows that are damaged because of weather and extreme conditions. At Apex Window Werks, we understand that functionality and efficiency of wood windows can be affected greatly by fluctuating weather, and full replacement could be extremely expensive. So, we provide cost-effective window repair and restoration services which will make your windows look as good as new.

We Fix Wooden Windows

We believe in providing cost-effective but high quality solutions to our customers. Therefore, if you think that your wooden window needs replacement, rest assured that it might not and get it checked from us and if there is a way to fix the window and make it look new rather than an expensive replacement that would be heavy on your pockets.

In our Window Restoration Service, we try to retain the original character of the window as much as possible to preserve the original fundamental look of the window. We understand why windows could need restoration or fixing, such as due to weather damage, unsuitable design, vandalism, insects, poor maintenance, excessive moisture or damage due to age of the window and many more, but despite the cause of the damage our goal is to fix the damage and make your window look like you just installed a new one.

Apex Window Werks apply a family like ethic in their business, which means that we only provide services that we would expect from other service provides. We understand the unique demands of home-owners and unique demands of corporate clients based on our own home and business needs and our extensive experience in the wood works industry. We have served clients who wanted the windows of their heritage homes to be fixed and corporate clients who want to obtain a business-like appearance, and we pride ourselves in preserving individuality, uniqueness and space of each project and establishing a happy client base.

Our highly efficient team of experts understand that whether they need to replace insulated glass, repair a broken glass window or provide a complete glass window replacement there are several aspects that are essential to take in consideration to preserve the architecture personality of the houses/ or commercial buildings. Moreover, we understand that fixing them is not the only thing that needs to be done, therefore you will be provided suggestions on how you can preserve your windows for long-term.

Your house or your office deserve to be preserved and dealt with care rather than doing a job that will kill the structure and look. So invest in Apex Window Werks to capitalize on eye-catching, cost-effective and orderly window repair and window restoration services.

About Us:

Located in Milwaukee, Apex Window Wekrs provides services ranging from glass window repair, replace insulated glass, removing window fog, and glass window replacement. We have been serving the Milwaukeeland region for more than 8 years and the number of our customers is only growing in both residential and commercial areas. We believe in complete customer satisfaction and in order to maximize that satisfaction we employ cut-edge technology to provide window glass replacement, window glass insulation, restoration, repair and to remove fog. We are constantly striving to grow and in order to fulfill our goal we are working constantly to fulfill our customers’ demands.

if your window is broken or damaged but you’re not sure if it needs replacement or restoration then contact us today and get an assessment of your home or office and get our experts to provide you with a cost-effective solution!

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Experience: With 8+ years in the industry Apex is constantly growing due to our excellent product delivery and customer oriented services.

Certified: We are a part of Better Bureau Business, and not only a part we are listed as an A+ company, and we work hard to maintain our reputation.

Recognized: We are also listed on the Angies list where not all companies are accepted. Please check our page for customer feedback and see the happy clientele we have.

Window Repair Milwaukee
Window Replacement Milwaukee

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Window Replacement Milwaukee

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Window Replacement Milwaukee

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